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My Story

I started a Contemporary Applied Arts Degree at Hereford College of Arts in 2006, where students were encouraged to try their hand at all types of materials and processes. It's here that I found an affinity with small metal works; the way it could be manipulated and formed whilst still maintaining its strength, balanced with the delicate quality of jewellery and wearable art.

In my final year I visited New York and was captivated by the dominant and expressive architecture, the grid like structures of buildings, windows and the city layout, which satisfied my love of order and repetition. 


Over time, my work has developed with new inspirations, such as typography, vintage stationary and graphic design, but always still retaining an aspect of the geometric, clean lines and form, with the introduction of textured surfaces, gold vermeil and gemstones, many with natural inclusions which make pieces unique and full of character 

The Workshop


It is a short commute to my lovely little workshop situated on the side of the Malvern Hills. This is my little haven, my sanctuary and I love it.  


The thing I love about the maker's workshop is that none of them are likely fully set up and completely equipped from the get-go, you add to it bit by bit over time and create your own little space of joy and happiness.


Here I spend my time creating handmade jewellery and commissions for customers that are unique and individual pieces with a fine attention to detail and personality. 



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